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SGM Jurídico your trusted law firm in Lanzarote
SGM Jurídico your trusted law firm in Lanzarote





We are specialized in different branches of law, committed to offering efficient and personalized solutions to each of our clients.

Learn about all the services we offer and how we can help you resolve any legal issues you may be facing..

We are here to provide you with the best advice and accompany you at all times to achieve the desired results.

SGM Jurídico your trusted law firm in Lanzarote


SGM Despacho Jurídico is a law firm with extensive experience in different branches of law, and that it has a highly qualified team to offer effective and personalized solutions to its clients.

professionalism, the trust, Honesty and commitment allow us to advise our clients on all the steps and procedures necessary to protect their interests..

In SGM Legal Office, Our priority is to guarantee the satisfaction and peace of mind of our customers., accompanying them at all times and providing fast and efficient solutions.

SGM Jurídico your trusted law firm in Lanzarote


Sarai González Meyer is the founding partner of SGM Despacho Jurídico and a practicing lawyer in Spain for several years.

Maricarmen Junquera Fernández is the manager of SGM Despacho Jurídico and in charge of administration and customer service.

SGM Jurídico your trusted law firm in Lanzarote

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At SGM DESPACHO JURÍDICO we are experts in different branches of law and we have extensive experience in acting before judicial and administrative instances., which allows us to offer a professional legal advice service.

We understand the importance of trust between the client and their lawyer, Therefore, we dedicate ourselves with absolute dedication to the study and analysis of each case to accompany them at all times and achieve a satisfactory resolution..

We defend honesty and transparency in our way of working, maintaining a fluid and close communication to offer a personalized treatment.

We are committed to providing fast and efficient solutions to achieve the most favorable solution for our clients.. In SGM LEGAL, We are at your service.


Civil law

Civil law

At SGM Despacho Jurídico we are specialists in advising in different areas of Civil Law, offering effective solutions to any doubt or legal problem that may arise.

We offer legal assistance in civil proceedings and drafting of documents in civil contracting. We cover a wide variety of legal procedures and draft various documents in civil matters.

Criminal law

Criminal law

If you are looking for legal advice or defense in the field of Criminal Law, at SGM Despacho Jurídico we can help you. We have extensive experience in the defense and prosecution of all types of crimes, including Comprehensive Protection Against Gender Violence and Criminal Responsibility of Minors.

We offer services in corporate crimes, public finances and honor. We protect interests, We advise and defend in cases of corporate crimes, prosecutors and defamation.


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