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SGM Despacho Jurídico is a law firm located in Arrecife, Lanzarote, Offering legal services nationwide.

SGM Despacho Jurídico is a law firm located in Arrecife, Lanzarote, Offering legal services nationwide. More than 15 years of industry experience, The office has been created under the direction of the lawyer SARAI GONZÁLEZ MEYER, whose illusion and dedication are the engine of the firm.

The main objective is the defense of the interests of its clients, to whom it offers comprehensive and innovative solutions from a professional and committed perspective. The firm's philosophy is based on personalized treatment and rigorous customer service in all areas of specialization..

To offer a complete and quality service, SGM Despacho Jurídico has the external technical advice of various professional firms and accredited experts and specialists. Among them are auditors, accounting experts, technical architects, doctors specializing in bodily damage assessment, among others of first level.

In summary, if you need legal services anywhere in Spain, you are facing your best option. With the experience and dedication of SARAI GONZÁLEZ MEYER, The office will offer you personalized and quality solutions in all areas of specialization.


Consolidate ourselves as a reference firm in the legal field, recognized for our professionalism,efficiency and commitment to customers. That is the vision that moves us every day at SGM Despacho Jurídico.

The objective is to stay at the forefront in terms of technology and work methodology, so that we can offer innovative and personalized solutions for each case.

We aspire to be an organization that promotes the professional and personal development of its members., always maintaining a culture of collaboration and teamwork that allows us to offer the best possible service.


Commitment to customers, offering them a quality service, personalized and adapted to your needs. Commitment to ethics and professionalism in all actions.

Responsibility with the matters entrusted, guaranteeing an effective and efficient defense of the interests of clients. Responsibility with society and the environment, contributing to sustainable development and respecting human rights.

Excellence in every performance, always offering a quality service and updated knowledge of legal matters.

Innovation and constant updating of legal knowledge, technical and technological, to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to customer needs.


At SGM Despacho Jurídico we have the mission of offering a legal service of the highest quality and efficiency., always from an ethical and responsible perspective.

We strive to understand the needs and objectives of our clients and work proactively to achieve the best possible results in each case..

We always seek to be updated on legislation and jurisprudence to offer an excellent service and maintain the trust of our clients..